Legislative Updates

As we begin another week on the Hill, we want to thank you for your patience with the timing of this week's update.
Before we dive into this week's update, we want to extend a thank you to everyone who attended our legislative reception this past Wednesday. We had a great turnout and were pleased to see so many of our brothers and sisters throughout the state make the trip to Nashville for the event.
With even more committees shutting down over the course of the next week, many of our target pieces of legislation are finally making their way onto several calendars in both the House and Senate. This is a very busy and somewhat dangerous time of session, so it's crucial that we stay vigilant as to what is happening on the Hill. As we mentioned in an earlier legislative update, committee chairmen now have the ability to file a bill at any time during session, as long as the subject matter is relevant to the committee that he or she chairs.
As several subcommittees continue announcing their final calendars (many of which will be heard this week), our updates are getting longer and including bills that cover a wide range of issues. From voting rights, to pay equality, we are watching hundreds of pieces of legislation that would have an impact on working families throughout Tennessee. As we noted in the most recent update, the bills that we list are just a few of the dozens that we are monitoring during a typical week.
Believe it or not, the House is preparing to close its first subcommittee next week. The General Assembly is moving very quickly, and we're still tracking nearly all of the bills that we listed in our first legislative update that was sent out in February.
As we move into a new month, the list of bills that we're watching continues to grow. Calendars are filling up, and we're starting to see some legislation (both good and bad) gain traction. Unfortunately, that also means that we've seen quite a few good bills fail or stall in committee. Regardless of the outcome, we want to commend our affiliates who have filed legislation this year for their hard work.
While the insensitive and thoughtless comments of House Speaker Glen Casada dominated local and national headlines this week, we continued to stay focused on the dozens of bills that we're watching this session.
Our first legislative update of 2019 is finally here! While committee schedules are still fairly light, bills have started moving and several important pieces of legislation that we're watching have been put on notice. As of today, over 1,500 bills have been filed for the first year of the 111th General Assembly.