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UAW Victory at Volkswagen Shows the Strength, Solidarity of the Labor Movement

Alyssa Hansen
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After workers at the Volkswagen plant in Chattanooga overwhelmingly voted to join the United Auto Workers (UAW), Tennessee AFL-CIO President Billy Dycus issued the following statement.

"Tonight's historic victory in Chattanooga confirms what those of us in the labor movement know to be true: it's better in a union. In spite of relentless lies and scare tactics from Governor Bill Lee and other pro-business politicians, workers refused to be swayed by yet another round of attempted election interference and sent a clear message that they want a voice on the job.

The fact that this decisive win happened in a Southern state that boasts an anti-worker, Republican supermajority legislature speaks volumes about the power and solidarity of the labor movement. Across the country, including right here in Tennessee, workers are continuing to see the many benefits of union membership. This massive accomplishment is only the beginning of what's to come for organizing throughout the entire region. We congratulate the UAW on a successful, powerful campaign and look forward to welcoming their newest members into our Tennessee labor family."