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Firing of Starbucks Workers in Memphis Highlights Rampant Union-Busting

Alyssa Hansen
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Following the news that several Starbucks workers in Memphis were fired for leading worker organization efforts, Tennessee AFL-CIO President Billy Dycus issued the following statement.

"What happened in Memphis on Tuesday is a chilling reminder that union-busting is running rampant nationwide and happening in our own backyard. All workers who choose to organize should be free to do so without fear of retaliation from their employer. Period. We stand in solidarity with these brave workers and commend them for speaking up, even in the face of the company's blatant attempt to silence their voices.

As corporate greed continues to spiral out-of-control, these actions taken by Starbucks are clear proof that our labor laws are fundamentally broken at both the federal and state levels. This is yet another example that highlights the urgent need to pass pro-labor policies that ensure workers can join together and push for much-needed improvements at their jobs while holding employers accountable if they violate their rights. The scales have been unbalanced for too long, and we will continue to fight for the power and respect that belongs to all workers."