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Expulsion Proceedings & Vote Sends a Chilling Message Throughout Tennessee

Alyssa Hansen
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After the unjust expulsion of Representatives Justin Jones and Justin Pearson and the failed expulsion of Representative Gloria Johnson, the Tennessee AFL-CIO Labor Council issued the following statement.

"When a political party holds too much power, shameful actions like what we’ve witnessed this past week are almost inevitable. Punishing lawmakers in such an extreme manner for doing their jobs sends a chilling message throughout our state and the rest of the country that dissent and peaceful disagreements are not welcome here. Attempting to silence the voices of hundreds of thousands of Tennesseans by expelling two dedicated and passionate representatives (and nearly succeeding in doing the same to a third) who are simply listening to their constituents is wrong. Along with working families throughout Tennessee, we commend Representatives Johnson, Jones, and Pearson for speaking up and expressing the will of the voters who sent them to Nashville.

This is a sad, disgraceful chapter in Tennessee politics and one that clearly exposes the dictatorial tendencies of Speaker Cameron Sexton, the supermajority, and the bulk of current state leadership. History will not look kindly on these acts of political retribution, and we are confident that Representatives Jones and Pearson will join Representative Johnson in the House once again."