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Overwhelmed by Stress?

April Tyson
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As you may be feeling now, stress is a state of mental and emotional strain or tension resulting from adverse or very demanding circumstances.  Working long hours, in a hostile work environment or relentless pressures at home can affect one’s sleep, energy level, concentration and mood.  At work, one may struggle with their attendance, productivity, focus and/or relational interactions.

Eight out of ten employees report experiencing significant stress from work demands, expectations and problematic relationships.  I guess we can say, stress is a normal part of a worker’s day, no matter if it is good or bad.  Stress is a daily reality and a necessary part of one’s health, which can strengthen one’s health and stamina.  Yet, when stress exceeds a worker’s ability to cope, then one will experience physical and emotional side effects.

Effective stress management is a key to a worker’s health.  Successful stress management is found in three areas:  1) Awareness; 2) Coping Skills; 3) Action.  Managing stress may sound too simple, because we know obstacles can interfere with our awareness, coping and action.  Obstacles or defense mechanisms that protect our mind, heart and body, easily get in the way. Such as, denial of a problem, blaming the stress on someone/something or even believing there is nothing that will help my stress.

Obstacles in managing stress is often the reason a worker reaches out for help, stating “I’ve tried to cope with my stress, though it’s not working and I need help”.  Professional helpers report, stressed out people desperate to find help, often wait too long and experience the painful side effects.  Reaching out sooner than later, can prevent serious health conditions, unhealthy emotional reactions towards others and even self-destructive behaviors.

Why not now?  If you are struggling now, why not take a step towards getting help with your struggle with stress?