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TN AFL-CIO Responds to Senate Commerce & Labor Committee's Vote on Enshrining "Right to Work" in the State Constitution

Alyssa Hansen
23 Feb, 2021
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After testifying before legislators, Tennessee AFL-CIO President Billy Dycus issued the following statement in response to the Senate Commerce & Labor Committee's vote on Senate Joint Resolution (SJR) 0002.

"Today's vote in favor of SJR 0002 by the Senate Commerce & Labor Committee sends a clear message to working families throughout Tennessee: too many legislators are more worried about lining the pockets of corporate special interest groups than improving the quality of life for their hard-working constituents. Along with its members and affiliates, the Tennessee AFL-CIO remains strongly opposed to this legislation.   

As I emphasized in my remarks before the committee, the framers of this sacred document made it difficult to amend it for a reason: to protect the citizens of the state and not the special interests. Enshrining Tennessee's "Right to Work" law in the state constitution is a direct insult to the union members who have worked tirelessly since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic to keep our state afloat. This ongoing partisan crusade is a waste of taxpayer dollars designed to score political points. Glorifying a law that has already caused so much harm to working families throughout our state over the past seven decades will lock in low wages, unsafe workplaces, and an economy that doesn't work for everyone. We strongly encourage all Tennessee lawmakers to reject this blatant example of corporate greed as it continues to move through the legislature."