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With Final Senate Approval of "Right to Work" Constitutional Amendment, Legislators Show Disdain for Working Families

Alyssa Hansen
08 Mar, 2021
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Following final Senate approval of Senate Joint Resolution (SJR) 0002, Tennessee AFL-CIO President Billy Dycus issued the following statement.

"We are disappointed but unfortunately not surprised by the Tennessee Senate's final approval of SJR 0002 this afternoon. With today's vote, 24 senators said "yes" to keeping wages low, making workplaces more dangerous, and setting a dangerous precedent of amending the Tennessee Constitution to cater to a political agenda. The Republican supermajority made its priorities abundantly clear once again: it is pro-business and anti-worker.

Our fight against this political power-grab is far from over. We now turn our attention to the House, which will begin hearing this harmful push to enshrine Tennessee's "Right to Work" law in the state constitution on Wednesday. Together with our members, affiliates, and community allies throughout the state, we will continue to make our voices heard loud and clear in opposition to this legislation. 

In its 150-year history, the state constitution has only been amended nine times. This is a sacred process that should not be taken lightly. It appears, however, that the majority of our legislators do not agree. Tennesseans are suffering and need real solutions to real problems, not a never-ending partisan crusade that is a waste of taxpayer dollars. Working families are undoubtedly the ones who will continue to suffer the most if this law is put on a pedestal. We renew our call asking Tennessee lawmakers to reject this blatant show of support for corporate special interests as it continues on its legislative journey."