COVID-19 Unsafe Worksite Report

Unsafe workplaces during the COVID-19 pandemic put customers, patients, workers' families and every Tennessean at risk. As of May 2021, there are still over 150 million COVID-19 cases worldwide, over 30 million cases in the US and nearly 840,000 confirmed cases in Tennessee. As our economy reopens, every employer's top priority should be protecting the health and safety of employees.

Last April, Governor Bill Lee released the "Tennessee Pledge," which serves as a blueprint for Tennessee residents and businesses to operate as safely as possible in a world that's been impacted by COVID-19. Guidelines for employers and employees are also included in the Tennessee Pledge. 

Unfortunately, many employers are not following these guidelines. If you are working in an unsafe worksite, we want to know. Please fill out the following form.

Your personal information will only be shared with our leadership. Unsafe worksites identified will be shared with the Tennessee Department of Labor & Workforce Development. 

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