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TN AFL-CIO Calls Out Senator Brian Kelsey’s “Self-Serving” Legislation

TN AFL-CIO President Billy Dycus issued the following statement on the introduction of Senate Joint Resolution 648, which proposes adding Tennessee’s Right to Work law to the state constitution.

“Instead of focusing on addressing the real issues that matter to Tennesseans, Senator Brian Kelsey and his Republican colleagues are choosing to play games and file a meaningless resolution that does nothing to improve the lives of working families and instead caters to the will of businesses looking to exploit the rights of their employees. Tennessee has been a Right to Work state for over 70 years, and Senate Joint Resolution 648 simply states what is already law. It’s clear that Senator Kelsey is willing to champion such a self-serving piece of legislation, only because his main job is to travel throughout the country spreading anti-union lies and eroding workers’ rights on behalf of the Liberty Justice Center.

Tennessee is an attractive place for many businesses to put down roots often because of the various incentives, including hard-earned taxpayer dollars, that are offered for doing so, not because it is a Right to Work state. Simply put, that often-touted fact is nothing more than false advertising in a state that is at the top of the list for the number of minimum wage jobs. We are committed to ensuring that working families are well-aware of the dangerous lies being spread by the sponsors of this resolution who are focused on keeping Tennessee a Right to Work (for less) state.”

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